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By Robert Farago

S&T Daewoo K11 (courtesy

“The S&T Daewoo K11 DAW (Dual-barrel Air-burst Weapon) [above] is an assault rifle chambered to fire 5.56×45mm NATO rounds, as well as 20×30mm air-burst smart grenade from its overbarrel launcher.” informs, correctly deploying the “a” word. “Two conventional 20 mm shells either detonate immediately on impact or on a timed fuse after impact. A third type of shell is controlled by the weapon’s integrated electronics to explode a few meters from the target, yielding an air burst effect capable of killing targets within a 6m area and seriously wounding those within an 8 m area. Users enter a range at which the shell is to detonate, allowing targets in ditches, in buildings, or behind walls to be destroyed without requiring the shell to strike the target.” In theory. In practice . . .

South Korea will complete a major upgrade on the home-grown dual-barrel K-11 rifle by the end of 2016, the head of the state defense development agency said Wednesday, after the use of the Army assault rifle was suspended last year due to a glitch in the shooting control system.

“(We) are pushing to improve the K-11 dual-barrel rifle by a large scale before the end …read more

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