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By Kira Davis

A South Florida gun club has taken aim at helping an underserved community when it comes to second amendment rights – the black community.

Travis Campbell opened the South Florida Black Arms Gun Club with the intent of specifically serving the general black community in South Florida. In an interview with a Florida radio station, Campbell says he didn’t really see people who looked like him at the gun range, and he wanted to change that and give black Americans in South Florida a safe place to learn about firearms alongside their own community.

As a black man here in South Florida, going to the range I didn’t see people who looked like me. I just felt there was a necessity to try and create something that would attract black people and also bring new African-American, Caribbean and Afro-Latinos into the fold of the shooting community.

Campbell says he makes an effort to talk about the history of the second amendment for black Americans. Many people who come through the club don’t realize how important the second amendment was during the Civil Rights movement.

We do talk about the history of the black gun owner in the Americas, in particular dating …Read the Rest

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