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By Johannes Paulsen

For out-of-staters with licenses to carry firearms, South Carolina has been a bit of an outlier in the old south. While the other states in Dixie tend to recognize out-of-state licenses rather freely (and in many cases, regardless of whether a reciprocity agreement exists) the Palmetto State has kept the number of out-of-state licenses it recognizes to just two-fifths of the other states in the Union. It’s unclear at first glance why this is the case. Residents of Yankee locales that are more freedom-oriented in their carry laws and don’t require training (or, in some cases, even a license to carry) — such as Vermont, Pennsylvania, or Montana — are left out in the cold while visiting, but residents from states with much more onerous training requirements for carry licenses — such as Rhode Island, Illinois, or Washington — are out of luck, too. To make matters worse, South Carolina only offers a permit to non-residents that own property in their state . . .


I suppose I shouldn’t be so surprised — zealously guarding state sovereignty is something of a hallowed tradition for Palmetto state residents, and their elected representatives have been content to …read more

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