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By Bob Owens

dearcus davis

I came. I saw. I laughed.

A semi-literate wannabe rapper who calls himself “Maine Musik” threatened Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump in an Instagram video last month. The video from English-language-challenged Demarcus Davis went viral for its stupidity, as Davis threatened Republican Presidential candidate with “war” because Davis feels that Trump is a threat to his mother’s food stamps.

One of the people who saw the video was Joe Meaux, who immediately recognized Davis holding custom guns stolen from Meaux’s store in a 2015 burglary.

A former “Sons of Guns” reality TV star did a double-take last month when he clicked on a link that said, “Rapper Threatens Trump” and instantly recognized his distinctively customized firearms being waved around by a local wannabe.

“As I’m watching it, I’m thinking these guns are very recognizable,” Joe Meaux,whose Baton Rouge store, Meaux Guns and Ammo, was burglarized in July, 2015. “As I watched more, I realized that they were very familiar. They were stolen from me last year.”

By the time Meaux called police, he said local authorities and the Secret Service were already aware of the Instagram video featuring Demarcus Davis, 22, a local rapper who goes by “Maine …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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