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By James England

FLINT, MICHIGAN — A son mistook his father for a burglar and shot him when he entered the doorway. The incident occurred late at night and the father survived and was taken to the hospital.

According to the police report referenced by Michigan Live, the son heard someone breaking in and took up position with his pistol. The thirty-seven year old man mistook his own father for an intruder before he pulled the trigger.

Okay, obviously it’s a low light situation and it’s hard to see who’s coming in. Kudos for taking up position with cover and all that jazz. Unfortunately, target recognition at night has always been a problem. That’s why people illuminate their target or use a call and response to determine friend from foe.

This is nothing new.

Tragic? Yes. New? No.

I’m glad his dad made it out alright.

Look, I’m not going to make excuses but if you’ve ever had a few drinks and then tried to fumble with your keys to get in the front door, you know how ridiculous that looks. It can also get sorta loud when you drop your keys and then cuss like a sailor as you try to get back in the …Read the Rest

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