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By Tom Knighton

Most of us who own a gun and opted to list our reasons for having one would rate “self-defense” as being right at the top. I’m definitely in that camp. Personal defense is on my list right after, “Freedom, MoFos.” It’s important.

Many of us have taken the stance that anyone who is in our house without permission is dead meat. This is, of course, for those of us who live in states with Castle Doctrine laws that permit the use of force during such occasions.

Again, I’ve been in that camp.

However, Greg Ellifritz has some things for people to think about before just deciding that pulling the trigger is the right move for all seasons.

I hear it all the time from shooters I train…

“If someone is in my house at night, they are getting shot.”

My new students justify their actions by telling me how they “know their house” and are keenly aware of the difference between the sounds of a family member and the sounds of an intruder. They also tell me how they are justified under state law, especially in states that have “Castle Doctrine.”

Here’s the problem…

Being legally justified doesn’t mean being right. If …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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