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By James England

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — You worked your entire life to be able to afford to live in a decent community, and now that community is under attack. What do you do? That’s the basic question seniors are being forced to ask themselves after a series of crimes have come knocking on their doorsteps. In one incident, a golfer was robbed at gun point on a closed golf course in a retirement community. The armed robber shot at him. It’s not an isolated incident, either. Three home invasions, two armed robberies, and the crooks even got off with those folks’ computers in the community computer center.

As one director put it for KSNV News3LV, “”I know how easy it is to try and hit old people.”

He is the director of the retirement community. We’re sure he does.

It’s no mystery considering the nature of mankind that when times get rough, the hungry wolves find the easiest prey. Well, the script is about to get flipped for these robbers — some of these residents are getting armed and trained.

No matter what age you’re at in life, there’s never a better time than now to prepare yourself. The illusion of peace and security …Read the Rest

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