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By James England

BILLINGS, MONTANA — Right now, no one is allowed to carry a gun onto the property of a K-12 school in Montana. Regardless of whether or not he or she has a permit, that person is not allowed to carry a firearm onto school property. Legislators are looking to change that with House Bill 385.

House Bill 385, according to its wording, would open the door for teachers and administrators to carry concealed firearms onto school property so long as they keep the gun concealed.

The bill is termed the “Montana School Safety Act” and it includes all employees of a school’s district under its definition of who is allowed to carry concealed onto the property. So long as the employee keeps the firearm concealed and physically within his possession, the district cannot negatively evaluate him or punish him for doing so.

Now, the law is just in its initial stages. It will need to be passed through the House and then the Senate before the governor signs it into law… If he signs it into law.

The intention of this bill seems to be to allow school employees to defend themselves and their students from harm should a violent act visit …Read the Rest

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