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By [email protected] (Rick Ector)

Solving Detroit’s Violent Crime Problem Does Not Involve A Silver Bullet

The problem is simple – violent crime. However, the solution to it is indeed complex and will not be fixed over-night by a bullet – silver or lead. As I have perused my time-line on social media over the last few days, I have seen a number of proposed solutions. For starters, I have seen some folks cry out that the gloves should come off and “let the police be the police.” That’s cop-talk for cracking skulls of any person on the street who may simply look like a criminal – whatever that is. I have been under the scrutiny of over-zealous “big city policing” officers a few times. So, if it can happen to me, yes, it can happen to you or someone you know or love. If you have any gray hairs, you remember the days of the Big-Four and STRESS. That’s not gonna’ fly today. Additionally, others have asked for more law enforcement officers. This solution has every possibility of decreasing response times and catching more suspects shortly after a reported crime. However, Detroit government …Read the Rest

Source:: Legally Armed in Detroit

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