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By Daniel Terrill

According to Sol Invictus Arms, the “PT” in the PT45 stands for either “President Trump” or “Punisher Trump”. (Photo: Daniel Terrill/
In honor of President Trump, Florida-gun maker Sol Invictus Arms released the PT45 in Las Vegas during SHOT Show 2019. The limited edition pistol-caliber carbine is equipped with a lower receiver with markings that mimic the 45th president’s signature style.
The selector switch offers Trump’s pugnacious catchphrases “you wish”, “fired” and “not fired” in lieu of traditional options. Then, on the right side is a punisher’s skull with Trump’s iconic quiff and on the other the serial number begins with the prefix “MAGA”, the acronym for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign slogan.
“We’re not very politically correct at Sol Invictus Arms, so we wanted to lay it out there and create some conversation,” said Mike Conn, president of Sol Invictus. He added they had seen the “punisher Trump” logo popping up and thought “what the hell, let’s do a gun.” And, they also thought chambering it in .45 ACP was fitting given the numerical order of Trump’s presidency.
As Conn explained, the PT45 was another way to bring attention to the newly formed Sol Invictus. The brand was started by parent company Tactical Superiority,


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