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By Mike Searson

SOG Scout 24 Backpack

Mike Searson, sets out n horseback to review the performance of the new SOG Scout 24 Backpack. Giddy up.

SOG Scout 24 Backpack
Mike Searson

USA – -( Last year when we attended a Trails Found tracking course, we got the chance to put some gear through its paces.

From rifles and pistols to knives, flash lights, outdoor clothing and in this case a new day pack by SOG.

That’s right. The same SOG of SOG Knives fame is making numerous types of tactical gear from multi-tools and flashlights to back packs. They do not appear to be a rebrand of another company’s gear, either.

SOG Scout 24 Backpack

SOG Scout 24 Backpack Loaded with Weapon
SOG Scout 24 Backpack Loaded with Weapon

When we loaded out for this training course and received a SOG Scout 24 day pack, we were a little underwhelmed at first. What could a company known for the past 40 years of making knives possibly know about building a backpack?

It turned out to be quite a lot.

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