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By Mike Searson

SOG Q1 Urban Multi-Tool

Mike Searson reviews the SOG Baton series of multi-tools for EDC ( everyday carry ).

Mike Searson


SOG Q1 Urban Multi-Tool

The first Baton we received was the SOG Baton Q1 Urban Multi-Tool. It contains four basic tools: Pen, scissors, can opener and flathead screwdriver. This is the ONLY ONE that is TSA compliant and is probably the most useful. We have been carrying it every day for the past few weeks and the scissors is one of the more useful pair of pocket scissors we have ever come across.

Writing with the pen may take some getting used to as the tool weighs over 2 ounces and is on the thick side for a pen.

That said, out of all the batons, this is the one we use the most.

SOG Baton Q2 Urban Multi-Tool | 2.5-Inch Blade, Bottle Opener, Screwdriver, LED Flashlight

SOG Baton Q2 Urban Multi-Tool
SOG Baton Q2 Urban Multi-Tool

The second tool in the lineup is the SOG Baton Q2 Urban Multi-Tool and this is for the person who …Read the Rest

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