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By Robert Farago

Nancy Knoble (courtesy Hennepin County Sheriff's Department)

“One Friday evening last May, Adly Ohalley and his wife, Worood Abumayaleh, went to pick up their teenage son at a friend’s house in Brooklyn Park, north of downtown Minneapolis,” reports. “He drove; she sat in the passenger seat, wearing a cream-colored headscarf. As they had done many nights before, they parked in front of the house and waited for their boy to come out.” Enter a self-described soccer mom . . .

“And suddenly a lady came with a rifle,” Abumayaleh said. “Knocking very very hard. And she said, ‘Open the window or I’ll kill you. Open the window.’ And I was scared, I couldn’t even call 911 or do anything. I just froze, my brain froze … [I] just said, ‘Maybe she’s going to kill us now.’”

Ohalley said he opened his wife’s window.

“She asked us, ‘What are you doing here?’ I told her that we are picking up our son from this house. She said, ‘What house?’ I said, ‘This house,’” Ohalley told her.

But the woman didn’t believe them. “So she came around with her rifle, point[ed] it at me, and said, ‘Get out of the car, and move in front of me to the …Read the Rest

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