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By Dan Zimmerman


By James England via

In this video, you’ll see a rather rudimentary device constructed out of two pieces of pipe you can easily find at your local hardware store. It’s called a zip gun or one-shot shotgun and such inventions have been around since modern munitions have existed . . .

The Basic Zip Gun
A zip gun, at its most basic level, need be nothing more than two pieces of overlapping pipe with a screw or sharp point to strike the primer of a shell or cartridge. There’s no rifling and not much to it. Some people build stocks so they can be aimed.

And others just use a nail and a piece of iron tube.

Worth mentioning – the metal used in these tubes is not meant nor designed to absorb ballistic level forces. That means they are subject to catastrophic failure if a shell puts too much pressure on it. Catastrophic failure can, in this case, mean anything from a crack or chip to the tube violently exploding.

Who Uses Zip Guns?
The zip gun has been employed by those who don’t have easy access to firearms. There were versions used in …read more

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