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By Dan Zimmerman


By Marlon Knapp

Many gun buyers bemoan their local gun shop (LGS) without much knowledge of how they actually operate. Come with me for an inside look at some of the challenges faced by your LGS owner . . .

Laws and regulations
The scope and breadth of Federal firearms laws are intimidating to say the least. I could type a thousand word article on just the laws, regulations, and rules for firearms retailers and still only scratch the surface. A misstep can potentially expose the LGS owner to large fines (think $250,000 or more) and prison time of 10 or more years.

Getting licensed
Applying for your license means you are inviting the ATF to inspect every aspect of your life to ensure you are a person they will entrust with the responsibilities of procuring and selling firearms. The application includes the fee ($30 – $3000), several sets of your finger prints and a passport style photograph taken within the past 6 months. Once your application is received it is reviewed and your background check is conducted (currently takes about 2 months). Once you pass that you get a visit from ATF compliance agents who interview you to ensure you are going to actively …Read the Rest

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