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By Tom Claycomb

Smith's 9-Inch Oval Ceramic Sharpening Rod
You might find it easier to sharpen your boning knives on a Smith’s 9-Inch Oval Ceramic Sharpening Rod instead of on a stone.

Idaho – -( The other week we talked about the Smith’s 10” Diamond Steel. In case you have an aberration to diamond steels, then today we’re going to talk about the Smith’s 9-Inch Oval Ceramic Sharpening Rod. On the street this type of steel is called a “rough steel”. This is the most common one I see chef’s and shade tree deer butcher’s using.

Smith’s 9-Inch Oval Ceramic Sharpening Rod

Smith’s new 9” Oval Ceramic Sharpening Rod is designed to quickly sharpen all your standard cutlery. Unlike conventional steels, which only re-align the cutting edge, the Smith’s Oval Ceramic Sharpening Rod hones and re-aligns the cutting edge at the same time. It comes with an oversized hand guard for comfort and safety and hang-up ring for easy accessibility. The non-slip rubber tip on the end of the sharpening rod protects your countertop from scratching and provides stability when sharpening.

It puzzles me why everyone uses a rough steel because to get a really fine edge you need a smooth …Read the Rest

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