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By G&A Staff


Those who insist on big-bore handguns for carry are faced with a dilemma: A big bore usually means a big pistol. And when you fit a big bore into a small pistol, you usually end up with something that is not fun to shoot. Smith & Wesson breaks that trend with its M&P Shield in .45 ACP.

S&W has also designed the Shield so that it has a thumb safety — for those who feel a thumb safety is a good thing.

The M&P45 Shield is the newest M&P, and it builds on the proven record of earlier models. The .45 has SmithMandPShield45ACP_2the same 18-degree grip angle for natural pointing, and it has nothing more than a scaled-up approach to feed .45 ACP. The polymer shell has a pinned locking block and trigger block. The two pinned-in blocks, held tightly by the polymer shell, create the rigid framework for a clean and crisp trigger pull. The listed trigger pull for the M&P45 Shield is 6½ pounds. The one G&A tested was less. We have tested single-action pistols (the Shield is a striker-fired design) that had trigger pulls that were not as clean, crisp or easy to use as …Read the Rest

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