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By Tom McHale

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By Tom McHale
Gun-nut, Tom Mchale, reviews the fine work on the Smith & Wesson M642 Performance Center Revolver and why you need to upgrade your gun.

Smith & Wesson M642 Performance Center Revolver features both cosmetic and functional upgrades.
Tom McHale

USA –-( When it comes to clothes, cars, and even a cup of coffee, we tend to think nothing of paying extra for an upgraded model. Heck, we even pay extra for water that some guy pours into a fancy plastic bottle.

Accordingly, if you choose to carry a gun for self-defense, is there any reason you can’t choose a stylish one? Of course, that’s assuming that function and performance aren’t compromised.

Better yet, why not consider a handgun that offers custom premium operational features and looks snazzy?

Smith & Wesson M642 Performance Center Revolver

That’s just what the folks at Smith & Wesson have done with the new Smith & Wesson Performance Center 642 38 Special +P revolvers ( ).

In case you’re not familiar, the Performance Center is a custom shop within the confines of the Smith & Wesson factory, and I mean that literally. Buried in the very center of thousands of computer-controlled milling machines, giant forges, …Read the Rest

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