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By Josh Wayner

Smith and Wesson Model 69 Combat Magnum .44 Mag - Review
Smith and Wesson Model 69 Combat Magnum .44 Mag – Review

GRAND RAPIDS, MI USA -( I have often found myself in conversation, be it at the range or gun store, debating why more people don’t carry the .44 Magnum on a regular basis. It is a great cartridge and is legendary for its performance in the field and on the silver screen. Today we are taking a look at what very well may be the most practical .44 you can own: the Smith & Wesson Model 69 Combat Magnum.

The Model 69 Combat Magnum is a rare thing in today’s world in that it is the answer to a number of frequently asked questions. Seldom do we get a gun delivered to us that displays useful features and matching function in a chambering that is extremely practical. While it is not a Performance Center gun, it measures up very closely.

Model 69 Combat Magnum
Model 69 Combat Magnum

In the course of my time -and many hundreds of rounds- with the Model 69, I experienced no failures to fire. With some …Read the Rest

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