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TargetVision LR1 Long-Range Wireless Spotting Scope

Shooting Made Easy (SME) just announced its latest shooting camera accessory, the Bullseye Wi-Fi Scope Cam. Moreover, the Wi-Fi Scope Cam works with conventional spotting scopes to capture the shot. Further, the Wi-Fi Scope Cam provides live-view and shot-tracking features through the Bullseye Target Manager app.


On Target: TargetVision’s LR1 Long-Range Wireless Spotting Scope

Bullseye Wi-Fi Scope Cam Features

Firstly, the Wi-Fi Scope Cam is a high-definition video camera. Additionally, it secures to most spotting scopes that utilize a 1 to 1.5-inch diameter. Once the scope is focused on the target, the Wi-Fi scope installs onto the eyepiece. With a wi-fi connection established between the camera and a mobile device or tablet, users can then use features in the Bullseye Target Manager app. Here, shooters can view downrange at the target. Meanwhile, the app offers advanced shot tracking and logging features, according to SME.

The Bullseye Target Manager also includes last-shot blinking to distinguish between previous shots. Also, the app assigns color codes to specific cartridge or rifle shots. Further, it categorizes sight-in adjustment calculations and group sizing as well. Above all, the shooter never has to walk downrange to retrieve the data.

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