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By John Crump

Slidebelts Survival Belt 2.0 Ratchet Belt


Slidebelts Survival Belt 2.0 by Brig Taylor’s : Review


Slidebelts Survival Belt 2.0 Ratchet Belt

Slidebelts made the base of the buckle on the Survival Belt 2.0 out of glass-filled nylon. A lot of quality knives from top manufacturers use the same materials for their blade handles especially in folders. It is a sturdy material that can take a beating.

Slidebelts designed the strap as a one size fit all design up to a size 48. According to Slidebelts, the wearer is supposed to remove the strap by using the fire starter to pull up a lever at the base of the buckle. The lever is extremely hard to pull up, and I was unable to use the fire starter to get the strap off the buckle.

I ended up using a metal bar to pop the strap off the Survival Belt 2.0 buckle. Once I did get the strap off; I used a pair of scissors to cut the belt down to my perfect size. Being able to make the belt an ideal size is why I prefer Wehrmacht type belts.

Pushing the lever back down to secure the strap back into the Survival Belt 2.0 buckle was incredibly difficult as …Read the Rest

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