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By Chris Eger

More than three months after Slide Fire stopped accepting orders for new bump fire stocks, they are still widely available and few owners have moved to turn them in where they have been banned. (Photo: Slide Fire)
Although the primary maker of bump stocks in the country long ago stopped taking orders for the controversial devices, they are still readily available.
Named as a defendant in a litany of lawsuits over the use of bump fire stocks at the Route 91 Harvest shooting last October in Las Vegas that left 58 dead and some 850 others injured, Texas-based Slide Fire Solutions shut down their website in May and announced they would no longer accept orders moving forward.
While the company is still fighting to have its funds freed from their bank, it has transferred its remaining inventory to Fort Worth-based RW Arms where it is available for retail sale. In addition to comprehensive SlideFire stocks, branded swag, and accessories, RW is also selling all-up rifles in .22LR and .223 with installed bump fire stocks.
It’s not just RW looking to fill orders. Online gun classifieds such as ArmsList and Gunbroker are well-stocked with those offering bump fire stocks for sale. Further, open-source FOSSCAD digital


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