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By David LaPell

With practice and patience single shot .22 rifles can be quite accurate. (Photo: David LaPell)
In this day and age of high tech firearms, the choices of .22 rifles seem to be endless: bolt actions, lever actions, and semi-autos galore. But what about single shot rifles? Outside of the small rifles for new shooters or kid just starting off, do they have a place anymore in a veteran shooters lineup?
In the early days of the 20th Century, it was not uncommon at all to see the average youth, even before he or she became a teenager, out and about with a .22 rifle. These were almost always single shots because they were cheap to make, cost effective to shoot and could bring in small game for the cook pot, which was always welcome in those leaner times. Unlike today, these .22 rifles would soldier on for years in the same family, used by everyone in the household if need be. Few families had money for more than a box of shells at a time, let alone a new rifle once junior came of age to graduate from a youth model to something more size appropriate.
At one time single shot .22 rifles


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