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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Silent Legion .338 Lapua Suppressor for Snipers and Distance Shooting
Silent Legion .338 Lapua Suppressor for Snipers and Distance Shooting

Oak Ridge, NC-( Several newer rounds are pressing the interests of long-distance shooters but the .338 Lapua remains king when it comes to distance shooting. Many snipers prefer the round for it’s bottleneck design and ability to retain accuracy at long distances. It was designed specifically for tactical sniper use and remains standard in military use around the world.

Tactical use for any firearm calls for a suppressor. Shooting a sniper rifle suppressed comes with a number of advantages. The most obvious is muffling the shot and making it difficult to pinpoint your location. Additionally, it protects the shooters hearing with a 34 dB sound reduction. Lastly, the recoil reduction creates a more accurate shooting ecosystem by reducing flinching and fatigue while pumping out successive rounds.

Adding a Silent Legion .338 Lapua mag suppressor to your rifle just makes sense for regular shooters and tactical applications. The combination of Titanium and Aluminum with a stable threaded connection and a rock solid Cerakote finish make this every bit as durable as your rifle. It’s easy to pack, attaches and detaches quickly and makes your rifle that much better.

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