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By Chris Eger

Some 1.5 million suppressors are in circulation and are legal for hunting in all but 10 states. (Photo: SilencerCo)
With suppressors now legal for hunting in 40 states, sportsmen could reap additional safety benefits past protecting their hearing– they could also keep from ringing the dinner bell.
James A. Swan, the author of In Defense of Hunting and The Sacred Art of Hunting, recently conducted a series of interviews with outdoorsmen for the NRA’s Hunters Leadership Forum and found that, in many cases, predators such as bear and wolves come running in the aftermath of hearing gunshots in the field. Driven by the apparent search of a free lunch in the form of an injured or fallen animal, the theory goes that in some areas, predators are drawn to a hunter’s location by the sound of gunfire.
“The bottom line: If you are hunting amongst predators and shoot a game animal, be aware that one may approach,” said Swan, citing multiple reports about Kodiak Island grizzlies following up on deer hunts, alligators swimming to gunshots from duck hunters, and even lion responding to gunfire in the African veldt. As a means of mitigation to keep hunters safe in the field, Swan pointed out


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