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By Evan Brune


SilencerCo introduced four brand-new products this week, including the first-ever integrally silenced 9mm pistol. The releases also included two new silencers and a rail-mounted rangefinder.

Maxim 9

The company’s biggest announcement came with the introduction of the Maxim 9, an integrally silenced handgun chambered in 9mm.

The platform itself is a Smith & Wesson M&P 9 C.O.R.E. The pistol can be holstered in specially designed holsters from Raven Concealment Systems.


The Radius is a rail-mounted rangefinder that can mount onto any Picatinny rail in any orientation. It has the capability to range reflective targets up to a mile away.

The rangefinder includes a user-configurable display combined with extreme weather-resistance and a 12-hour battery life with continuous ranging.

SilencerCo has not yet announced a suggested retail price, but promises that the product will be available to consumers “without breaking the bank.”

Osprey Micro

The Osprey Micro is billed as the most versatile rimfire silencer on the market today, in addition to also being the shortest, quietest and easiest to clean.

The silencer is designed with removable sections that allow shooters to shorten it from 4.6 inches to 3.1 inches. The Osprey Micro is also designed to work with factory sights, due to …read more

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