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By Chris Eger

SilencerCo’s Omega 9SD, released this week, takes the already quiet suppressor on the vintage Heckler & Koch MP5SD and ups the ante.
The 13.7-ounce MP5SD-specific suppressor is 7.96-inches long, which puts it just 3.45-inches past the barrel and, according to the specs, runs an average of 126.4dB at the muzzle with 147-grain AE — which is a couple of dBs lower than the well-respected OE can.
Fully welded and full-auto rated, it is also about four ounces lighter and a couple of inches shorter than the 17.6-ounce, 11.89-inch original unit, which is bound to find interest in those with a legacy MP5SD on the shelf.
It is marketed towards LE and military customers but is naturally up for NFA civilian sales through local SilencerCo dealers at an MSRP of $1,180.
Sure, that is four-figures for a muffler, but for HK enthusiasts this is all par for the course.
SilencerCo tagged HK’s social media on the release and the German-based maker of all things roller locked replied in turn.
And coincidentally Sean Burrows of the HK Shooting Team delivered a review of the SP5K at the same time and dispels some myths about how that gun stacks up against its SP89 and MP5 predecessors.

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