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By Jacki Billings

The Ultra Shot M-Spec Carbon Fiber sight is designed for the AR-15 and MSR platforms. (Photo: Sightmark)
Sightmark introduced the new Ultra Shot M-Spec FMS Carbon Fiber Reflex Sight on Friday, giving hunters, competition shooters and law enforcement another sight option.
The Carbon Fiber M-Spec takes advantage of the same optical design as other M-Spec models, but offers an updated carbon fiber protective hood for Sightmark’s 10 year anniversary. The carbon fiber construction has the added benefit of reducing overall weight, making the Carbon Fiber M-Spec model 30 percent lighter than other reflex sights.
Featuring a 65 MOA circle dot crosshair with 2 MOA central dot reticle, the M-Spec comes with a scratchproof lens, cast magnesium alloy housing, 1P68 waterproof rating, Interlok internal locking system and a recoil rating up to .50 caliber.
The carbon fiber design reduces overall weight of the unit. (Photo: Sightmark)
The sight is night vision compatible, co-witnessing with night vision devices and select magnifiers. Boasting a unique motion sensing auto-on feature, the M-Spec automatically shuts off it sits motionless for more than five minutes.
Built for AR-15s and MSRs, the reflex sight is outfitted with unlimited eye relief and a parallax-corrected optical lens system, permitting shooters to accurately sight from 10


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