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By Chris Eger

New Hampshire-based Sig Sauer reports they have recently delivered their Next Generation Squad Weapons system to the U.S. Army for testing and evaluation.
Sig is one of three contractors who last year got the nod from the Pentagon to continue with the NGSW program, which is designed to replace 5.56mm NATO small arms– such as the M4 Carbine and M249 Squad Automatic Weapon– in the Army’s frontline units. Sig’s entry consists of an in-house-designed lightweight high-performance 6.8mm (.277-caliber) hybrid ammunition, NGSW-AR lightweight machine guns, NGSW-R rifles, and suppressors.
Notably, the other two competitors vying for the NGSW contract are formed by consortiums, whereas Sig is it going alone– with components of their system produced at their Arkansas and New Hampshire facilities.
“The Sig Sauer Next Generation Squad Weapons system is the only submission entirely designed, engineered and manufactured by a single American company,” said Ron Cohen, Sig’s president, and CEO. “We are proud to deliver this comprehensive solution to the U.S. Army, with new capabilities to enhance mission effectiveness for our soldiers on the battlefield.”
Sig says their ultra-light 6.8mm NGSW-AR, left, and NGSW-R, right, are the “most comprehensive solution to meet the requirements of the Next Generation Squad Weapons to enhance mission effectiveness.”


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