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By Chase Welch

It’s been said before and I’ll say it again, the AR15 platform really is America’s’ rifle. And looking at the new M400 TREAD from Sig you can really start to understand why.
The TREAD is not just another cheap “entry level” direct impingement rifle produced en masse for a saturated market. Like most things Sig, it is a complete system built specifically to allow the end user to customize their rifle with a host of TREAD branded parts and accessories.The engineers at Sig developed a new method of fitting the barrel into the receiver that only requires two screws, no D-ring contortions or proprietary tools needed to change out parts and no more worrying if a new part will fit your rifle. If it has the TREAD logo on it, it fits.
As the marketing team at Sig puts it, you have the “Freedom to Grow.” And like the stylized Gadsden flag logo suggests, this rifle is uniquely American. Rugged, adaptable and hard working, it can be used for the defense of one’s home and family just as easily as competitive shooting, hunting or a fun day on the range. The Gadsden flag stands for liberty and the spirit of being able


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