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SIG Sauer announced the company’s M18 compact pistol successfully completed a recent Lot Acceptance Test (LAT) by the U.S. Army. Moreover, the M18, which exhibited zero stoppages during testing, is the compact variant of the Army’s Modular Handgun System (MHS).


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Although Lot Acceptance Testing allows up to 12 stoppages to pass, during testing, three M18 pistols fired 12,000 rounds each. According to SIG, the entire test group delivered zero stoppages throughout the MHS Material Reliability Test. Additionally, the pistols passed a parts interchange test and met all accuracy and dispersion requirements, according to SIG. Further, requirements included firing pin and trigger pull measurements to ensure consistency. Also, the pistols conformed to all workmanship standards, according to SIG.

SIG Sauer M18 Testing

“The MHS meets or exceeds requirements for accuracy, lethality, ergonomics, and safety,” and “…both the XM17 and XM18 are operationally effective and suitable,” said findings published in the Director of Operation Testing and Evaluation (DOT&E) Annual Report. The report provides an independent review and analysis of the U.S. Department of Defense weapons systems, according to SIG.

Ron Cohen, President & CEO of SIG SAUER, Inc., began, “the …Read the Rest

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