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By Keith Wood


The new carry variant of the P229 is pictured above. Notice the shortened frame that does not include an accessory rail. The frame is redesigned to accommodate the shortened slide and barrel.

The latest from SIG SAUER is the P229 Carry chambered in .40 and .357 SIG. These handguns maintain the standard grip length and magazine capacity as the standard P229 used by the FBI and Secret Service but with a shortened slide and 3.5-inch barrel to facilitate carrying concealed.

“As we’ve worked with armed professionals over the years, we kept hearing comments about shorter slides and barrels but with full-size magazines and grips,” said John Brasseur, director of product management for SIG SAUER, Inc. “This combination offers advantages in certain low visibility applications. One benefit of our New Hampshire-based facility is that we can adapt new designs very efficiently to meet the needs of our users in the field.”

Sig Sauer LEGION Series

For comparison, the new Legion Series P229 still maintains the traditional length of the standard P229, including an accessory rail and a lengthened frame that accommodates a longer slide and barrel.

Designed to be comfortable for inside-the-waistband carry, the P229 Carry uses standard …Read the Rest

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