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By Chris Eger

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has over 1,000 employees in a wide range of roles, and recently chose a trio of Sigs to equip their force. (Photo: FCSO)
The sheriff’s office for the most populous county in Ohio recently selected two 9mm Sig Sauer handguns as well as a rifle from the same company to outfit their deputies.
Sig Sauer announced last month that the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department has chosen to equip their deputies with model P226R pistols as their official sidearm. In addition, the agency chose Sig’s M400 rifle as their standard patrol rifle and the compact P239 handgun for their detectives.
“With this acquisition, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department will, for the first time, be issuing a standard duty pistol to every certified officer on our force,” said Captain James Simmons with the agency, the largest sheriff’s department in the state. “We chose Sig Sauer’s P226 as our standard issue pistol after an extensive testing and review process and feel this is the best choice for our force.”
According to the Columbus Dispatch, each of the 600 P226Rs will be bought through local supplier Vance Outdoors for $590, less a $101,000 credit in exchange for the agency’s old guns. The guns


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