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By Jim Clary

SIG SAUER Elite Performance Ammunition

by Dr. Jim and Mary Clary
SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition range testing and review.

SIG SAUER Elite Performance Ammunition (Illustration courtesy of SIG SAUER, Inc.)
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AmmoLand Gun News

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SIG SAUER Elite Performance Ammunition

The SIG V-Crown bullet is proprietary with the company and utilizes a stacked hollow point cavity. Tests by independent ballistic experts have confirmed that this design provides maximum weight retention and virtually perfect expansion. That translates into significant stopping power.

During our tests we found that all rounds fed smoothly from the magazines and cycled flawlessly. The Elite Performance SIG V-Crown ammo utilizes DUCTA–BRIGHT 7A coated brass cases and although we are not privy to the technical aspects of this process, it does provide an enhanced lubricity which accounts for the flawless feed in our semi-automatics. The Elite Performance rounds are very accurate. Our groups were consistent and very symmetrical, not ragged or strung out. The following are our results:

SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition – 40 S&W (Springfield Model XDM )

  • 180 gr. FMJ @ 985 fps
  • 180 gr JHP (V-Crown) @ 985 fps
  • SIG 180 grain JHP – Smallest group 1.0″; largest group 1.75″;
  • Mean group size = 1.5″
  • SIG180 grain FMJ – Smallest group 1.75″; …Read the Rest

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