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By Chris Eger

Glocks have been adopted as military sidearms by Austria, Great Britain and others, but a recent U.S. Army contract saw the pistol beat out by Sig Sauer, largely over price. (Photo: British Ministry of Defense)
The Government Accountability Office on Friday released the detailed decision on a contract protest by Glock over the Army’s selection for the Modular Handgun System contract.
The 17-page decision chronicled the Army’s efforts between August 2015 and August 2016 when the field of nine proposals from five companies was reduced to an offering by Glock and another, ultimately winning bid, by Sig Sauer.
Then the two designs were judged competitively on eight factors as well as price. On seven nonmoneteary factors, the Sig offering, a version of their popular Model P320, was found to be “acceptable” in one category, “good” in three, and “outstanding” in three while the Glock, by comparison, was found “acceptable” in one, “good” in five, and “marginal” in one.
Moving past the apples-to-apples comparison with Sig, noted by the source selection authority as having a “slight technical advantage,” the biggest difference between the two was in price. The Glock proposal quoted $272,232,563. The Sig, $169,527,169, leading it to be selected in January to fill the


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