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By Dean Weingarten

Sig Sauer and H&K in Trouble Over Small Arms Exports

Sig Sauer and H&K in Trouble Over Small Arms Exports

U.S.A. / Germany –( In 2019, Sig Sauer is having problems with German arms export law. Heckler & Koch had its own problems last year, in 2018.

In 2009, a U.S.A. manufacturer of firearms, licensed from Sig Sauer, landed a sweet deal. $306 million dollars to provide 97,890 SP2022 pistols to the Columbian national police. The contract was made through the U.S. Army Material Command. I hope there were significant accessories and training included because that comes to about $3,126 per pistol!

The American company may have had some problems meeting the deadline for the delivery of so many pistols. It appears they asked for some help, and got some, from their sister company in Germany. German anti-arms groups were contacted and alleged that Sig Sauer had violated German law by shipping pistols to the U.S. company to fulfill a legal U.S. contract with Columbia. From

Cohen is accused of conspiring with Sig Sauer’s Germany-based sister company to violate the countries relatively strict export rules, that prohibited the sale of weapons to countries in conflict, including Colombia. Officials allege that …Read the Rest

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