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By Daniel Terrill

The Sig Sauer booth during SHOT Show 2015 in Las Vegas. (Photo: Sig/Instagram)
Sig Sauer said ammunition likely caused malfunctions experienced by New Jersey troopers using their newly-issued duty guns rather than a defect in the pistol’s design.
The state of New Jersey alleged in a recent lawsuit the New Hampshire company provided defective handguns to New Jersey State Police for a contract three years ago and failed to adequately rectify the problem.
“Sig Sauer’s investigation of the failure mode indicates a contributing factor may be a compatibility issue between this unique NJSP P229 and the specific training ammunition used by the NJSP,” Sig said in a statement Monday. “Importantly, these failures were limited to the training ammunition used by the NJSP, and the P229s functioned when using their duty ammunition.”
Sig added it was surprised by the lawsuit, which had been filed in late April, because company representatives had been working with New Jersey officials to resolve the issue. “Sig Sauer is committed to customer satisfaction, and stands ready to continue these discussions and work with NJSP to reach an equitable solution,” the company said.
Sig is one of the largest arms contractors in the country and around the world. In February, the U.S. government


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