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By Chris Eger

The M18 is Sig Sauer’s compact installment to the MHS program and it recently did very well in Army testing. (Photo: Sig)
The more compact twin to the M17 Modular Handgun System recently exceeded the standard benchmark for testing in U.S. Army trials.
The M18, the smaller of the two variants of the Sig Sauer P320 adopted as part of the military’s 2017 MHS contract award to replace a host of legacy pistols, reportedly sailed through the recent Lot Acceptance Test conducted by the Army, according to the New Hampshire-based gun maker. While LAT tests allow for 12 stoppages in the course of 5000 rounds fired, three M18 used went to 12,000 rounds each, with no stoppages. The guns then went on to pass required interchangeability, material and accuracy tests.
“For this test, the U.S. Army set very high standards for quality and performance, and at SIG we relish the opportunity to meet a challenge and exceed expectations,” said Ron Cohen, president & CEO of SIG. “The performance of the M18 not only surpassed the U.S. Army’s testing requirements, its performance was simply outstanding and nothing short of perfection.”
The M17 and M18 differ about an inch in overall length but share the same


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