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By Will Dabbs, MD

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<div data-cycle-hash="sidearm17-beretta-right" data-cycle-desc="Beretta started with a clean piece of paper with the APX and borrowed literally nothing from their previous pistol designs." data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>

<div data-cycle-hash="sidearm17-beretta-left" data-cycle-desc="The most striking aesthetic feature of the Beretta APX is its deep full-length cocking serrations." data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>Police Handgun Sidearms Beretta APX left

<div data-cycle-hash="sidearm17-canik-left" data-cycle-desc="For those departments where money is tight, the Canik-55 TP9, imported by Century International Arms, is arguably the best value in a combat pistol in America." data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>Police Handgun Sidearms Canik TP9 left

<div data-cycle-hash="sidearm17-canik-right" data-cycle-desc="The Canik TP9 has evolved substantially over the past few years into a proven and reliable practical handgun." data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>Police Handgun Sidearms Canik TP9 right

<div data-cycle-hash="sidearm17-fn-left" data-cycle-desc="The features FN built into its 509 for the military also make it a superb LE candidate." data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>Police Handgun Sidearms FN 509 left

<div data-cycle-hash="sidearm17-fn-right" data-cycle-desc="Most modern combat handguns offer a reversible magazine catch, but the FN 509 is truly ambidextrous right out of the box. " data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>Police Handgun Sidearms FN 509 right

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