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By Dan Zimmerman

Reader Burt P. writes:

With the Independence Day 2015 Holiday approaching, much has been written of potential terror threats. State and local authorities have been notified by Homeland Security about reports of threats called for by various organizations. National news has reported this also. Well, it’s Independence Day. Do we stay indoors, away from malls and celebrations? Or exercise our independence by going about our enjoyment of the day with our family?

We who have our CCL, we should always use situational awareness. During these times, perhaps a bit more is called for. However, there are many CCL holders who may not usually carry. For whatever reasons, on a daily or general basis, they keep their weapon at home.

I have spoken to several of them at the range and they have their reasons. But at this time, I would urge all CCL holders to carry for this weekend. On the beach in Tunisia…no one had any defense. In Charleston…no one had any defense. It only takes one good guy with a gun to stand up to a bad guy with a gun.

At 72, I’m not the fastest, but I’m smooth and accurate. I’ll be carrying. I’m asking everyone …read more

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