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By Dan Zimmerman


Sure, smoked meat connoisseurs fire up the pit all summer long, but everyone knows the best time to plop the babybacks on the grate and start tossing the oak in the firebox is the fall. With temperatures more sane and football on the tube, you can ice down some oat sodas, have a passel of friends over and inhale that heavenly aroma until the ribs are juuuust right. But heading out to a friend’s house (or having them over to yours) for fun, frivolity and food that used to have a face means you’ll also want to sport your finest mohaska for the occasion. That’s mine, above . . .

I have RF (via Gemini Customs) to thank for this highly modified Ruger SP101. Besides being just so damned purty, it shoots like a dream, especially when loaded with .38s.

But we want to see yours. When you have a special occasion that demands putting on your best, which piece to you pack? Send a pic of your pride and joy to [email protected] with BBQ GUN in the subject line. We’ll post some of them here and all of them to our Facebook page for your viewing pleasure (please keep the covetousness …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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