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By Bob Owens

One of the evergreen arguments on gun forums is whether or not gun owners should choose to open carry their defensive handguns, or carry them concealed.

The broad strokes of the argument typically goes something like this.

Open Carry Proponent (OC): “Open carry prevents criminal activity because when criminals see that citizens are armed, they will decide to not carry out their crime at that time, and/or will find another person to victimize. Open carry gives you faster access to your firearm than concealed carry. Open carry helps non-gun owners get used to the idea that guns in public are not a bad thing. Open carry is more comfortable.”

Concealed Carry Proponent (CC): “Concealed carry prevents criminal activity because criminals don’t know who is armed. Properly trained concealed carriers with good equipment can get their concealed handgun into action almost as fast as open carriers. Concealed carry avoids making gun owners targets for criminals, law enforcement officers, or SWATers.”

One of the other things I’ve noticed on various forums and blogs discussing the topic is that the split appears to be one of both motives and tactics.

Many people who open carry cite a political motivation as much as a protection motivation for open carrying. …read more

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