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By Jacki Billings

Do women really want pink guns for Christmas? discusses. (Photo:
As the holiday season approaches and you’re trying to decide what guns or gear to get your favorite gal, the thought of bestowing her with lavishly girly gifts might come to mind. But do women really like overly girl guns and gear or should you keep things more low-key? is here to help you decipher the female code to determine the best style of gift for your favorite gun girl.
To go girly or not?
At its core, the decision is dependent on each individual woman. No two women are alike – some enjoy the over-the-top glitz and glam of rhinestone ear protection or pink guns while others lament the thought of anything overly feminine. It’s a case of knowing your audience. Knowing what kind of gun girl you have on hand will make the shopping experience easier.
As with anything relating to women, communication is key. If possible, directly ask what’s on her gun or gear wish list. If that’s less than ideal, do some snooping. Pay attention to products she likes. Does she naturally gravitate towards the color purple? Then she might appreciate a purple mag loader to go


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