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By Kyle Lynch

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Image Intensifier

Entering the world of low-light endeavors can be daunting on many levels. One of the earliest challenges that new shooters encounter is the selection of their first night-vision device (NVD). The idea that you can simply buy a night-vision scope and perform every shooting task at night that you normally perform during the day soon evaporates with a little research, knowledge and experience.

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10 Tips & Facts to Think About When Choosing Your Night Vision Device

So how does a new shooter determine what type of NVD to start with? Applications and budget determine the need. Keep in mind that there is some crossover. While one type of device may be best for a certain task, it may be acceptable, even with some limitations, for other tasks. Typically, once the stealth bug bites, we end up with multiple devices that are used together or enlisted for specific tasks as needed.

Owning The Night

What most people think of when the term “night vision” comes up is the green-image …Read the Rest

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