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By John Falkenberg

Do you carry a backup gun when you carry concealed.

I used to. I know a couple who do — and more power to them!

For those who are still on the fence about carrying a backup firearm, however, I think it’s important we take a minute and look into the issue — it’s not a minor decision.

Paul Harrell, one of my personal all-time favorite YouTubers in the world of firearms and self defense, made a video on this exact topic, looking into claims made by those who feel the need to carry backup firearms, and testing those claims out to see if they hold any water.

The results were surprising — to me, anyway.

Harrell broke down the argument for carrying a backup firearm into three main points:

1. Having a backup gun gives you the opportunity to make a non-dominant hand, single-hand presentation.

2. Having a backup gun gives you the opportunity to arm someone that can be an ally to you.

3. Having a backup gun allows you to continue firing faster than you might through a reload.

He then tested those out as best he could — in the “arm your buddy” argument, he just recounted instances …Read the Rest

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