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By Patriot Outdoor News

Something of a revolt is occurring across the political landscape as more than half of the nation’s governors are reportedly resisting plans to bring Syrian refugees to their states, citing security and safety concerns.

The lines seem politically drawn, but the lines may shift as the public clamors for security over hospitality. And the question has been raised about how these refugees are being vetted.

But there’s a possible solution, according to some in the gun rights community. Simply subject all refugees to the same scrutiny that honest American citizens face when they want to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

That may not wash, of course, with President Barack Obama, who seems to have finally decided who poses the greatest danger to the United States. In an interview published by GQ, the president revealed that during his final year in office, his focus remains largely on gun control, and in the interview he discussed taking executive action to further his agenda, which he wants to make sure is “as defensible as possible legally.”

For a president who can’t bring himself to utter the term “Radical Islam,” Obama hasn’t minced words when talking about gun control. He asserts that Americans have “rage” and deadly weapons.

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