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By Tom Knighton

When it comes to movies, I’m one of those guys you don’t take to some melodramatic film with poignant messaging and Oscar-bait performances. Well, you don’t take me to one of those unless I’m suffering from insomnia. The only reason you’ll see me at a chick flick or RomCom is that I’m a married man who understands that the wife has preferences too.

No, if it’s up to me, it’s going to be an action movie of some sort. I want good guys taking out the bad guys, preferably with some explosions here and there.

While I get that not everyone shares my taste in films, a lot of people do. Action movies are the ones that tend to do really well at the box office, after all.

So imagine the stupidity it takes to tell Hollywood to “fix its gun problem.”

One of the fondest fantasies of Second Amendment obsessives is that a private citizen with a box of ammunition could fend off the US Army, should the need arise, and that fantasy is endorsed by “A Quiet Place”, in which gun-toting farmers fare better against the aliens than the entire American war machine. Defenders of the right to bear …Read the Rest

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