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A gun goes off in the school compound twice every week, according to database. It has resulted to 210 deaths since 210 and 414 injuries, with no assurance that the numbers will be coming down. The problem only arouses debate once it involves the death of more than 4 people because it is regarded as mass shooting. Law papers are hard to create, so let’s look at the potential perspective.

Gun ownership has divided people along political lines. The issue becomes difficult to solve because these politicians are supposed to come up with regulations protecting people in schools against gun violence. The biggest challenge remains whether laws can help to solve the problem of guns and what kind of laws should be put in place.

  • The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is often quoted by advocates of gun possession by all means. The amendment gives people the right to possess arms and use them in self defense or when protecting America. This makes it difficult to dispossess a lot of people or place restrictions on ownership of firearms.

The challenge with quoting the Second Amendment lies in the fact the same guns have been use to rob people of their right to life. It becomes a delicate balancing act between guaranteeing the right to hold arms and that to life. The government has a responsibility to guarantee the two. However, the provision of one is affecting the other.

Different governments have taken opposing stands on the matter. Politicians have also made numerous and rosy promises regarding gun control during campaigns. However, these promises are never fulfilled. Many of the promises lack tangible or actionable points that would make a difference in gun control especially in schools.

Combines in Schools

Authorities have the responsibility of protecting student and teachers in schools. This is why the issue of combines always comes up when there is a discussion on guns and violence in schools. Would they protect teachers and students better?

School authorities and governments are always challenged to enhance protection in schools. Screening measures and positioning of guards is one of the best gun protection measures in schools. However, criminals still find a way of breaching the security systems and apparatus installed. This has raised the question on who should possess guns in schools.

Gun Possession in Schools

Proposals have been made on who should hold guns in schools in order to guarantee protection. There have been discussions about arming teachers so that they can handle any criminal who walks through the door. The challenge becomes the level of training that the teachers should have in order to operate these guns. It may also be viewed as an admission by the government that it has failed to protect its people. The teachers will also be taking extra roles apart from that which they have been trained to do.

One death in school or anywhere else is one-too-many especially in circumstances that can be avoided. The losses become more painful when they involve defenseless children who the society has a duty to protect. Since the debate is yet to be settled, it calls for greater focus on the safety of children in school even as the rights of gun holders are given priority.

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