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By Bob Owens


How would you like to be stripped of your civil rights for accidentally attempting to book a flight with an expired credit card, or for using two different travel web sites at the same time to see who has the cheapest hotels, or merely sharing a name with someone you’ve never met, or having a crazy relative, or for writing an article some anonymous bureaucrat didn’t like?

All of these are actual reasons American citizens have placed on one of the so-called “terror watch lists,” a series of databases ripped by the American Civil Liberties Union as, “error-prone and unreliable because it uses vague and overbroad criteria and secret evidence to place individuals on blacklists without a meaningful process to correct government error and clear their names.”

Senate Democrats attempted to ram through a bill Monday night which would have stripped you of your right to buy a firearm to defend your family if you ended up on one of these lists, which you also end up on for working with or living near someone who also popped up on the list for no apparent reason at all.

The watch list system is so arbitrary, broken, and pointless that 40% of …Read the Rest

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