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By James England

WASHINGTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA — When a landlord stepped in to intervene in a domestic dispute, Billy Little decided to turn his violence from his girlfriend onto the landlord. With the aid of his trusty sledgehammer, Little tried to take a whack at his landlord. Thankfully, the landlord decided to take his pistol with him. Narrowly avoiding the swing of the hammer, the landlord shot Little center mass.

Little was flown to a nearby medical center where he remains in serious condition. His girlfriend, whom he cut with a knife, refused to file charges but the landlord is all too willing. Still in his hospital bed, according to WCYB News, he has a warrant out for malicious wounding and attempted malicious wounding.

When he wakes up, he can try to use his sledgehammer on those handcuffs.

“Preliminary indications are that the shooting appears to have been an act of self-defense,” stated Major Byron Ashbrook to WCYB.

I know there’s at least a few of you out there that rent properties. Despite background checks and all sorts of references, undoubtedly bad people get in. Domestic violence is a horrible thing and this appears to be a flavor above the rest.

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